A New Look For Yoast

by Carly
09 June 2015

The popular SEO website, Yoast, announced recently that they’ve been working behind the scenes on a brand spanking new redesign that’s set to update and refresh the popular online organisation.

We’ve all become used to seeing founder Joost de Valk’s avatar in Yoast’s header and logos but he’s decided to call time on the solo image and instead create a cartoon that features a team, to reflect how Yoast has grown in recent years to become a team effort. That said, the stylised cartoons are likely to stay within the original frame of reference, as the original avatar is such a popular part of Yoast’s branding.

At the recent YoastCon the team unveiled two potential redesigns that are billed as ‘very much works in progress’. It’s been confirmed that the new design won’t feature a sidebar, in line with the company’s aim to make the page fully responsive.

We’ll have to stay tuned for the new design’s release to see what new look Yoast are going for – the current release date is slated at September 1st, so there’s a while to go yet!