A New WordPress.com Reader

by Carly
14 July 2015

Yesterday saw the release of a new and improved version of WordPress.com’s Reader functionality. The team have been working throughout the last few months to make the Reader faster and feature smoother scrolling, as well as improve the way posts are displayed. Users are now treated to a ‘highlight reel’ of each post at a glance.

The new Reader has been designed to perform just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktops, so the new look is fully responsive and makes it easy to catch up with your favourite blogs while on the move.

Another new feature mentioned above is the ‘cards’ that preview each post in your feed, highlighting featured photos and helping you easily find something interesting to read, even if you have a particularly long list of blogs that you follow!

New typography has been brought in to improve the reading experience and users can now enter Full Post View mode, which puts the story as the focus on your screen – think of it as a distraction free reading mode. What’s more, the changes work for any site with an RSS feed, not just sites hosted on WordPress.com.

The new Reader is ready and waiting for you to test it out, so head over to WordPress.com and chek out your new and improved feed.