Allure Themes

Allure is the motto of the theme provider AllureThemes who create aesthetic and feminine WordPress Themes consistently for the female-oriented market. AllureThemes are one of the first providers to enter the feminine sector and thus put the ball in many other authors rolling.

AllureThemes was launched by the American web designer and web developer Lisa Sabin-Wilson, who are already established through various collaborations and projects on WordPress and the web design market. With the establishment of eWebscapes in 2004, the former nurse began her independent career and is now a co-owner of WebDevStudios among others. Incidentally, the American also wrote four books for the “For Dummies” series of fiction books and is a frequent speaker on all things WordPress.

The Allure Themes are built upon the “Foundation” framework, and the author has equipped the themes with many extras such as post thumbnails, a particularly simple customer navigation, special widgets and more. The Theme designs range from playful and colorful, elegantly and classic to modern and trendy. A little glitz and glam must cannot be missed. The simple layout, a versatile color palette and fonts make the noble themes of AllureThemes an excellent choice for those who are looking for themes with a feminine touch. 17 original themes are currently available for purchase. The themes are versatile and are particularly suitable for private blogs, as well as small businesses.

Let us convince you in the live demos of the various themes and their advantages. Every theme has a detailed guide for the set-up and application of the theme. AllureThemes provides all customers the marketplace a high quality and fast support service. The numerous forums dealing with the most common theme and plug-in problems, also you can set its own questions in one of the forums and usually gets within just a short time back a response from the iThemes team.

Purchase and Payment

The Allure Themes are currently being sold exclusively through the iThemes platform. Therefore all Themes are subject to the conditions of the marketplace.

The themes can either individually at $70 each, – to buy – or as a package for $197. When buying an individual themes obtained an unlimited license to use the themes, and one year support and regular updates. Each theme is on top with varying plug-ins. The All-Access package ($197, -) provides access to all offered at iThemes Themes and therefore also to all Allure Themes, and the whole for a year. Support and updates are included here as well, also gives access to all new releases.

Sign-up to the market place and pay then easily by credit card or PayPal.