Creative Market

Creative Market is a brand new platform for handmade, digital design. In addition WordPress themes and templates the marketplace provides graphics, icons, fonts, and a lot more.

Creative market was launched at the beginning of 2012 by the three Americans – Aaron Epstein, Darius Monsef and Chris Williams ‘Bubs’. The perfect well-rehearsed Trio had already founded the color and Design network The already very successful creative team had the idea of providing a versatile marketplace for buyers and sellers. The network brings a breath of fresh air to the market and optically convincing by an impressively designed web page.

The products currently on offer are in the five categories – graphics, templates, themes, fonts, and add-ons.

In the category graphics you will find over 1000 different symbols, backgrounds, web elements, illustrations and many other graphic resources without code.
Under Templates There are clearly ordered PSD and vector files for brochures, business cards, flyers, invitations, presentations and web pages. There are also templates for logos and various office supplies. Creative Market offers now has over 1000 Templates.

For anyone looking for good, solid and affordable fonts is, is often bitterly disappointed. Prices for fonts are often extremely expensive. This is exactly the reason why Creative has challenged Market this market and now offers a a huge selection of fonts at fair prices.

The category includes all add-ons and design extras for the two programs Photoshop and Illustrator. The helpful tools such as brushes, Actions, forms, layer styles, plug-ins, and so on, can be easily added to the design program and used directly from there.

Creative Market offers not only WordPress themes but also some themes for Tumblr, Bootstrap, Drupal and Joomla. However, from over 700 themes more than half are for WordPress. The marketplace has an enormous and highly-varied selection of themes. From simple Blog and Portfolio themes, extravagant event planning Themes to themes for large companies.
You will find in the navigation bar under Free goods every week a few free products that can be downloaded directly.

In the event of a fault or you have any questions relating to the products you can contact the Creative Market Team. In the blog you will also find help on various topics.
Creative Market offers its product developers one of the highest commission rates on the market. 70% OF ALL SALES go directly to the seller. Each developer can also decide on the price of its products.

Purchase and payment

all creative Market products can be purchased individually. Registration is required to make purchases. Prices vary for all products, for example fonts cost between $ 2,- and $25. Most of the add-ons and templates, apart from a few exceptions, costs under $20, Graphics range from $ 3 up to $60, and themes there are between $ 15 and just over $ 100. Registration and sign in is required to download free items.

Registration is easy and can be done via an existing Facebook account. After a successful logon to creative market, you are able to separate your Creative Market account from your Facebook account.

Creative Market