Based in Vietnam, EngineThemes currently offer eleven different themes that are focused around specific areas of business, which gives them a little unique USP to stand out from the crowd. With names like DirectoryEngine, ClassifiedEngine and ForumEngine, it’s easy for users to choose the best option for their venture’s needs and pick out a perfect new theme.

ForumEngine is one of the highlights, coming in at a very reasonable $49 and being geared towards an often underrepresented area of business. This responsive theme is geared towards building an online community and is optimised for plenty of social interaction. What’s more, EngineThemes describe their themes as ‘living projects – they’re never ‘finished’. We constantly tweak and improve features, rolling out minor updates to our customers every single week.’

So whether you’re a new freelancer eyeing up FreelanceEngine or a recruiter looking at JobEngine, EngineThemes have something in mind for everybody.

Payment and Purchase

Power Package: $199 (inc. 4 themes)
Mega Power Package $689 (inc. 4 themes and all extensions)
All-In-One Package: $299 (inc. 8 themes)

Themes can also be purchased individually for $49 – $89.

Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.