The Fantero marketplace is impressive with a huge selection of graphics, photos, scripts, themes and templates. There are currently more than 944,000 files available for download on Fantero which continues to grow.

It all started with a marketplace for Flash files. Eight talented IT specialists from Prague joined together in 2007 to form a new platform for buyers and sellers to create Flash files. A year later, the marketplace was then officially presented to the public. Incidentally, the Prague company had created a range of other marketplaces. October 2013 was another milestone as all of the company’s platforms combined into one, which is now under the name Fantero.
The access to the marketplace and its huge selection of products with the merger of the websites has been significantly simplified. The login area has been completely revised and now offers a particularly clear area for 100,000+ Fantero customers.

In Web design templates you can find HTML, PSD, and Joomla Templates, as well as a small selection of WordPress themes. There are currently 25 WordPress Themes available. In addition to a number of blog, portfolio, business and responsiven themes, there are themes available for the fields of medicine, Beauty, photography and technology.
In the Flash Components category you will find effects, templates and Flash intros.
Graphics, Icons, backgrounds, and vectors in PSD, CDR, AI and EPS formats can be found in graphics & Web element.
The Sound Loops and Effects category includes audio files, sound effects and music loops.

Fantero also provides various free photo and video files, scripts for PHP, ASP and Javascript, as well as 3D source files.
Fantero offers great rewards for the successful recruitment of new buyers and sellers. Anybody who refers new sellers are able to receive 10% comission from the products sold for 12 months. If you are able to recruit a new customer, 50% of the capital from the first sale will be remunerated. Sellers of design files receive between 50% and 75% of each sale.

Purchase and payment

Registration for Fantero is free, but a premium membership is also available. Browse the large selection of files and select your desired products in the shopping cart. At check out, with PayPal, various credit cards, or the online financial institutions Scrill, Money Gram and SWIFT are available payment menthods. After successful payment, you are able to download and use the products you have purchased.

When you purchase a product on Fantero there are between three different licensing options which can be selected. The regular license allows the multiple use of the purchased product on a single non-commercial web page or for a different project. The commercial license model can be at the same level as the regular license, as well as on a single commercial side be used. Who wants to use a product for multiple projects, you can do this using the multiple license. This allows the user to the purchased products on several occasions, as well as several commercial and non-commercial projects to use as you wish.

There are already Fantero files available from only $1, but the price may vary depending on the licensing model chosen.