Graph Paper Press

Individual designs, high performance and a user-friendly website make GraphPaperPress an ideal resource for everyone searching for high quality WordPress Themes and plugins.

Photographer and designer Thad Allender founded Graph Paper Press in 2004 and when the scale of the WordPress community rapidly increased, so did the demand for new designs, and now GraphPaperPress is a thriving hub for WordPress themes.

Graph Paper Press’ portfolio includes numerous WordPress themes and a fine selection of useful plugins. The themes are particularly easy to set up, as well as easy to customise: colours, backgrounds, fonts and more can be changed instantly, and the personal web page modifier allows users to transform their site in to something truly unique.

To make it simple to find the most suitable theme for your project, the themes are divided into the categories of blog, e-commerce, magazines, photography, portfolio and video. What’s more, artists, bloggers and photographers will find a large selection of modern resources on GraphPaperPress in addition to theme designs.

Payment and Purchase

  • Basic: $99/year (includes all 46 themes)
  • Professional: $149/year (includes all 46 themes and 18 plugins)
  • Lifetime: $399 one time payment (lifetime access to all 46 themes and 18 plugins)

Payment can be made with either PayPal or credit card.