The PageLines Platform is a simple drag-and-drop system that allows you to create fantastic unique websites. PageLines is also a marketplace that offers a number of high quality themes built on the Platform framework.

PageLines launched the Platform framework over a decade ago, and since then the team have made a huge number of improvements to keep their offerings ever-evolving to keep up with changing trends and development in the WordPress community. PageLines have taken on the task of creating a perfect tool for creating impressive marketing and business websites.

A highlight of the framework is its 100% screen-adaptability. Whether a page is accessed on the smartphone, tablet or PC, the web site automatically adapts to the screen size of the device ensuring an optimal viewing experience on all devices. Search engine optimisation is also very important to PageLines, and they use robust SEO tools to help boost visibility of all sites built using their themes.

Purchase and Payment

Personal: $99/year (1 Pro Site)
Business: $199/year (3 Pro Sites)
Web Pro: $499/year (Unlimited Pro Sites)