The PageLines Framework is a simple drag-and-drop design framework and allows you to create fantastic unique websites. PageLines is also a marketplace and has all the essentials for creating and optimizing a WordPress website.

In 2008, the PageLines Framework of the World was initially presented under the name Platform. Since then, the team have made some improvements and now offer one of the first DMS (Design Management Systems), and are also the authors of the first ever drag & drop web design platform / marketplace for WordPress. The US office of the design and development company is based in San Francisco, California. PageLines has taken on the task of creating a perfect tool for creating impressive marketing and business websites.

frameworks provide the tools to take on a particularly important task, namely the creation of a website is made simple and easy. PageLines is intended to overcome some ubiquitous problems of the conventional CMS revised systems. The framework is the first Drag and Drop Design Management System (DMS) and is on WordPress, and built the popular Bootstrap CSS Framework Design.

A highlight of the framework is its 100% screen-adaptability. Whether a page is accessed on the smartphone, tablet or PC, the web site automatically adapts to the screen size of the device ensuring an optimal viewing experience on all devices. Search engine optimization is also very important to PageLines, and encompasses robust SEO tools to bring the desired resonance.

The drag and drop layout gives complete control over the look of your own website. Elements can be easily rearranged awithout any extra code on the page. The possibilities seem almost limitless. Change colors in an instant, and check the design with point and click options. In addition, layout and templates can be individually selected for each page. In the PageLines Store, on offer is a large selection of useful elements and enhancements. From themes, using plug-ins, to shortcodes and a variety of layout options.

PageLines is a prime example in terms of dynamic theming. Thanks to the carefully crafted import and export system makes this self-generated layout of a page in just a few steps turn into a theme and re-use at will.

Purchase and Payment

Choose between the three packages “personnel” for a monthly fee of $8; “Business” for a fee $16; and the “Developer” package for $24. All three packages provide access to the DMS Pro editing tools, the Pro Only area, Pro Libraries and effects, drag and drop options, dynamic templates, and over 1000 design and layout options. In addition, all customers receive priority support from the support team, and benefit from regular updates.

The three packages differ only in the licenses. The “Personal” license can be used only on a single page, the “Business” license can be used on up to six web pages and with the “Developer” License Any number of Web pages are created.

On the PageLines marketplace you can be without mandatory any membership fees. As forms of payment accepted PageLines offers PayPal and all major credit cards, which are handled by the payment system Stripe.