Studio Press

Studio Press offer WordPress themes, based on the Genesis Framework, and with over 60,000 subscribed users they are one of the most popular online theme authors.

StudioPress is a U.S. American trade name of the company founded in 2006 Copyblogger Media. The founder Brian Clark is engaged in the marketing of website content and teaches on his site how to create quality website content.

Each offered StudioPress Theme is built on the Genesis Framework, and only works in combination with the FrameWork. Genesis turn-key designs offer a wide selection of different themes. To simplify things a bit, WordPress can be thought of as the engine, imagine Genesis as the framework or body, and StudioPress the paint of the car.

With Genesis you get the chance to edit the look of the site at any time and extremely easily using StudioPress Child Themes to change and customize content or design as you wish. On the core Genesis framework, no changes will be made. Genesis is search engine optimized and can be further enhanced by online tutorials and recommendations. On top of that when purchasing the Genesis FrameWork you get online support from a team of experts, access to the web forum, unlimited use of the domain, as well as free updates. Genesis promises additional top level security to your website.

You can select from 45 unique themes. Together with the Genesis FrameWork, Themes allow a simple and functional process to create your website. The Child-Themes are divided into categories and can be browsed very fast.

In addition to themes, there are also StudioPress WordPress plug-ins available to download. The plug-ins allow an individual to add lists or a slider to your website. To get the most from the purchased themes available on StudioPress, a large number of tutorials are provided for free. A Genesis user manual, documentation on themes, help for the use of the navigation bar and SEO Meta setting improvements are just a few of the over 20 online tutorials.

In the Showcase you will find a variety of Genesis themes, which were created customized by developers and designers, but are not on sale.

Purchase and Payment

The Genesis Framework can be purchased for one off payment of $59.95, and can either be used separately in combination with a child theme.

StudioPress themes are available from $79.95 and include the Genesis Framework. Furthermore, all themes benefit from the advantages and extras already mentioned above.

With the Pro Plus package, for only $349.95 you get access to all current themes and future Firsts, as well as the Genesis Framework.

First, create an account and choose from among the payment options such as PayPal or credit card. If the payment is successfull, you can go right ahead and download the purchases.