Coming into being in November 2012 after being dreamed up on the Thai island of Koh Lanta, ThemeIsle have been releasing responsive WordPress themes for the past two years – and they don’t show any signs of slowing down soon.

The company’s dream is that ‘one day, all websites in the world will be powered by WordPress’ and if you want to lend a hand in making that dream become a reality they have a versatile selection of themes to pique your interest. With affordable themes that cover a wide variety of business types, there’s something for everyone at ThemeIsle, whether you’re a book reviewer (BookRev will be right up your street), a nursery owner (hello, CaresLand) or the frontman of an up and coming band (Music Band PRO is the one for you).

Everything ThemeIsle do is tinged with humour and friendliness, including the tagline of their website:

‘ThemeIsle is the only place where clients are called pirates, and the word pirate doesn’t mean bad guy.’

They place an emphasis on transparency and let users see not only a preview of the theme but a look at the theme admin section as well. They’re proud of the way their themes are developed so want users to have full access to view both ends of their products.

ThemeIsle’s themes have two pricing bands – free or $37, so you’ll be getting a bargain, whichever option you go for. Alternatively, users can pay a yearly fee of $59 to get access to all of the themes on the site, as well as getting their great support package (called ‘Blackbeard Support’, what else?) included.