Themes Town

Themes Town is a newcomer on the theme provider market and relies on.. ?

Themes Town is no traditional theme provider. The team at Themes Town regularly scour the net for the best free themes out there, then puts them together with a small collection of self-developed themes on … and it’s all completely legal.

The idea behind Themes Town was to create an interesting and abundant theme platform for its club members. Themes Town do a lot of the work so you don’t have to, saving you valuable time and what would otherwise often end in chaos. The team work for months on selecting themes for their new marketplace. They analyse and compare themes so that they only offer the best themes on the market. Quality and functionality are of utmost importance to the team at Themes Town, and plays a vital role in the selection process.

Within a short period of time, Themes Town has made a name for itself in the business and it now offers a vast range of nearly 200 quality themes, which have been developed by various authors from around the world. What’s more, each month Themes Town publish a brand new premium WordPress theme and the provider is in close cooperation with a number of theme authors and has planned some surprises for their club members in 2013.

If you wish to have access the high quality selection of WordPress themes and want to benefit from all the advantages of the themes, then you need to join the Town Club. Club membership gets you immediate access to all themes on offer, as well as all future releases. Using the theme demos will help to guide you through the individual themes, as will the various blogs about the latest developments and updates. Constructive criticism is always welcome at Themes Town and can be left in the blog on their website.

Purchase and Payment

With the one-time membership fee of only $55 you get full access to all premium themes and plug-ins offered at Themes Town. The selection is extensive and there are no hidden costs. Themes are always kept up to date and they are updated on a regular basis. You also receive unlimited use of the themes.

To join the club, simply follow the sign up link and fill in the online form. You can pay by credit card or using PayPal. Once registered you can take advantage of all the benefits Themes Town has to offer. Browse the database of providers, keep up to date on WordPress news in the blog, or start immediately by downloading your favourite theme.