Premium WordPress theme provider Themify produces and sells high quality, customer friendly themes built on the Themify framework.

Themify was founded in Toronto by the illustrator and web designer Nick La along with the award-winning developer and front end designer Darcy Clarke. Nick La is also the author of Icon Dock, Best Web Gallery and Web Signer Wall blog. Themify online began in August 2010 and, through their adaptable and responsive theme designs, has since gathered a huge amount of popularity – so much so that the two partners are now among the best WordPress theme designers in the business.

Each theme consists of the original Themify base frame, custom widgets, shortcodes and a range of documentation, which allows you to tailor your themes without having to know how to write code. Additionally, you can purchase a theme’s corresponding Photoshop files, allowing you the option to make changes to the Photoshop design.

The Themify framework provides countless features, all of which can be customised. It is particularly easy to modify the CSS files of the framework, such as wallpaper and fonts, giving the theme a personal touch. Widgets allow you to insert banners, add links and post from your website while Themify shortcodes offer the chance to install buttons, columns, Google maps and videos on the page.

As a Themify member you get access to all the themes offered, the framework, widgets, and documentation. You can also seek support in the support forums with other members or ask the Themify team directly.

Currently you can choose from 34 (three of which are free) themes from the following categories: premium themes, blog, portfolio, Responsive, restaurant, multimedia, magazines and e-commerce.

Purchase and Payment

The default cost for a theme is $39. The price includes an additional theme for free, regular updates, forum access and unlimited use of websites. If you are a developer you can choose to pay $59 and receive the theme’s Photoshop files in addition.

If you need more than one theme, then opt for the Themify Club package. Here you can choose between the Standard Club at $69 per year and the Developers Club at $89 per year. The Standard Club provides access to the forum, as well as unlimited use of the Themify site. As a member of the Developers Club, you will, in addition, gain access to all Photoshop files.

Once you have chosen your theme or opted for a Club membership, you will be redirected to registration and then on to pay via PayPal or eCheck. Having successfully registered and paid, your theme will then be sent to you within a few days via email. Once registered with the Club, you can then get to work enjoying all the benefits of Themify.