Automattic Acquires Pressable

by Carly
16 April 2016

Matt Mullenweg’s web development company, Automattic, is now the main investor in the hosting company Pressable. Automattic was already longer a shareholder and now secures a major part of the company.

When asked for comment, Mullenweg had the following to say about the acquisition:

“Automattic is happy to be an investor in a number of WordPress-related companies and web hosts, and will continue to invest in the future. Automattic continues to enjoy working with and supporting many great WordPress hosts, and we expect that Pressable will be able to operate fully independently in the future.”

Originally Pressable was known under the name ZippyKid but the brand was given a makeover and a new name back in 2016. Automattic’s plans for Pressable are not yet known but we’re excited to see what they have in store. Over the past few years Automattic have acquired numerous promising WordPress companies, including Code Garage, Gravatar and WooCommerce.