Automattic has acquired Cloudup

26 September 2013

WordPress’s well-known parent company Automattic has bought Cloudup, a service which Mullenweg believes is ‘intrinsically useful to the world’.
Cloudup is a file sharing company with technology that will make definite improvements in, primarily, replacing the WordPress media uploader. The fast platform allows you to drag and drop images so you can share them easily and will adapt smoothly to any device. The Cloudup service is ‘much more advanced, elegant and intuitive that’s current media uploader,’ Mullenweg reportedly told TechCrunch recently, and will make publishing on WordPress that much easier.
The improved media library will also feature real-time collaborative editing. This will allow multiple people to work on a post at once, meaning editing can be quicker and smoother and multiple writers can work on the post at the same time as a visual editor.
The advanced Cloudup technology will significantly improve image editing and uploading. File sharing can be done before the image has finished uploading, which will also significantly speed up publishing and editing processes.
No estimate was given by Mullenweg, according to TechCrunch, of when the new developments will come into play, but we’re hoping it will be soon. Although Cloudup, currently in beta stage, is a complete product there is still work to be done integrating it with WordPress.
This is Automattic’s 12th and largest acquisition yet, which comes after a number of smaller purchases including, most recently, Lean Domain Search and Poster.
For those interested in taking a look, head over to Cloudup to sign up for the beta. Personally, we can’t wait.