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How Many Plugins Is Too Many?

by Carly
02 December 2015

Digging Into WordPress recently ran a community poll titled ‘How Many Plugins Is Too Many?‘, asking users to vote on, as the title suggests, how many plugins they think would be detrimental to a WordPress site. It’s been so interesting to watch the votes come in and read the comments to see…

So How Important is SEO, Really?

by Carly
25 November 2015

Did you know that 93% of all internet users start their online search with a search engine? Plus, 75% of users only look at the first page of results, which makes it even more important for brands to boost their SEO (search engine optimisation) to increase traffic to their website….

65 Reasons You Should Use WordPress

by Carly
28 September 2015

We recently read and enjoyed a great article from WP Lift where they shared a whopping 65 reasons why you should use WordPress for your next project. Of course, we whole-heartedly agree with the list and wanted to share it today, just in case anybody reading this is on the…

WordPress vs. Wix

by Carly
17 August 2015

Finding the ideal web page builder is not easy. To make the process easier, WPBeginner have made a comparison between WordPress and Wix, which we’ve summarised below. WordPress may well be the currently most popular CMS (content management system) in the world, however, is not the only one on the…

Code Library for WordPress Themes on GitHub

by Carly
07 July 2015

In a great new step for WordPress theme developers, a new range of code snippets are now available on GitHub, which should help aspiring developers on their journey to creating brand new themes with rich features and easy to navigate, clean code. So far the code library features snippets for directories,…

Have You Thought About Outsourcing WordPress Tasks?

by ThemeAlert
05 February 2015

The popularity of outsourcing has exploded in recent years. With more and more developers, designers and writers bucking the trend and setting up freelance businesses, there’s more choice than ever before. With all of these skills available for hire outsourcing is being used by more and more businesses as a…

What Does Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Label Actually Mean?

by ThemeAlert
20 January 2015

At the end of last year Google made further changes to the way it displays search engine results. It’s a constant battle for site owners to keep up to date with Google’s myriad changes but something everybody should be aware of is the new mobile-friendly label that has been added…

New Year’s Resolutions for WordPress Site Owners

by ThemeAlert
12 January 2015

  It’s the time of year when everybody is putting together a list of goals and resolutions for the year ahead, so why not make a few that are dedicated to improving your WordPress site? We’ve created a list of five practical resolutions that will really help your site go…

A WordPress Reading List

by ThemeAlert
09 December 2014

WordPress is an entity that’s developing and evolving all the time, so you might not have thought to turn to books to learn more about the internet’s most popular CMS. However, there are plenty of great titles out there that are perfect to turn to if you want to keep…

Should WordPress have an Advisory Board?

by ThemeAlert
14 November 2014

An interesting article recently cropped up on the ManageWP blog and it really grabbed our attention. Vladimir Prelovac sparked a fascinating discussion about whether WordPress should have an advisory board. The vision of WordPress is almost solely driven by Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress and mind behind Automattic. Mullenweg…