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WordPress for Android 4.9

by Carly
01 February 2016

A couple of weeks ago the latest version WordPress for Android hit the web and the internet has been awash with positive feedback about version 4.9. Among the most popular new features are the fingerprint scanner and the redesigned, overhauled media library. The new fingerprint scanner was developed to ensure…

WordCamp 2016 in Vienna

by Carly
28 January 2016

2016’s WordCamp Europe is set to take place in Austria’s beautiful capital city, Vienna, between June 24th – 26th. The three-day event will take place in the halls of the Museum Quarter in the heart of Vienna, so those attending should definitely book a few extra days either side to…

Automattic’s WordAds Network

by Carly
19 January 2016

Web development company, Automattic, has recently announced that its advertising network, WordAds, is now available for self-hosted sites. Similar to Google’s AdWords, the network provides advertisement content on sites and the network can be used via Jetpack and the new AdControl plugin. It can be a great way for sites…

The World’s Top SEO Experts

by Carly
14 January 2016

Search engine optimisation (SEO for short) is a key component to publicising any website, whether it’s a personal blog or a corporate hub. Anybody who operates online knows that, without a well-optimised page, your website has little chance of obtaining a solid ranking on search engines like Google or Yahoo….

The Pro Plugin Directory Has a New Owner

by Carly
12 January 2016

Charlie Livingston, founder of, is the new owner of the Pro Plugin Directory. The previous owner, Steven Gliebe, created the plugin directory in June 2015 but has since made the move to focus on new projects. Livingston was a big fan of the platform from day one and sees…

BuddyPress 2.4 “Pietro”

by Carly
28 December 2015

BuddyPress 2.4 “Pietro” is finally here! Last month the BuddyPress team were excited to release the latest version of their popular plugin – and we were equally excited to try it out, as we’ve been treated to over 100 improvements in this version. They’ve certainly been busy! A brand new…

25% of Websites are Powered by WordPress

by Carly
22 December 2015

Well, the post title says it all really! It’s official: 25% of all websites are now powered by WordPress. It’s an absolutely staggering figure and an incredible achievement for any platform, particularly one that’s open source. He might have just set an impressive record but Matt Mullenweg shows no signs…

Large WordPress Sites Infected with Malware

by Carly
17 December 2015

In the last couple of weeks there have been a few high profile cases of large WordPress sites (including Readers Digest) being infected by the Angler exploit kit. A malicious script is injected into the infected site, which redirects users to a different URL and can then put those visitors at risk. TWC have written…

What Exactly is Calypso?

by Carly
15 December 2015

A few weeks ago Matt Mullenweg announced Calypso, a project that’s going to bring about a new approach to WordPress. A team of more than 120 contributors have been working tirelessly for more than 20 months to bring the project to fruition, and it’s finally here! So what do we know…

How to Roll Back WordPress Plugin Versions

by Carly
08 December 2015

For security reasons you should always keep your plugins fully updated but occasionally there may be a bug or quirk in an update that means you want to roll back to a previous version. Only it’s not quite as simple as you might have thought. Never fear, though, because it’s…