Category: Security

Critical Vulnerability in Elegant Themes

by Carly
21 March 2016

Elegant Themes has become aware of a potentially critical vulnerability in its products and has informed all customers by e-mail. For those who haven’t heard about the issue, here are further details: A vulnerability has been found in the Divi Builder, the themes Divi, Divi Extra and 2.3 (Legacy), and…

WordPress 4.4.2 Security and Maintenance Release

by Carly
03 March 2016

Just in case you missed it, the WordPress 4.4.2 security and maintenance release is now available and fixes two security issues. The two issues that have been fixed included a possible SSRF for certain URIs and an open-redirection attack. Besides the two vulnerabilities mentioned, seventeen errors from the two previous…

WPScan Finds Vulnerabilities

by Carly
21 January 2016

The security experts at Sucuri are recommending that their clients use the black box scanner WPScan. The scanner checks websites for vulnerabilities in the WordPress core, plugins and themes. Additionally, the plugin is informed about weak passwords, as well as problems with user and security configuration. The database check for…

Large WordPress Sites Infected with Malware

by Carly
17 December 2015

In the last couple of weeks there have been a few high profile cases of large WordPress sites (including Readers Digest) being infected by the Angler exploit kit. A malicious script is injected into the infected site, which redirects users to a different URL and can then put those visitors at risk. TWC have written…

Five Essential WordPress Security Tips

by Carly
02 November 2015

Anybody who has accounts, business or websites has to have online security as one of their top priorities. There is no software that is 100% safe and WordPress is no exception. With 5 simple steps, posted by the team at Elegant Themes in their blog, many security breaches can be…

BuddyPress Security Warning!

by Carly
16 September 2015

BuddyPress users beware! A security vulnerability has been discovered in the news section of BuddyPress and all users are prompted to update to the newly released 2.3.3 as soon as possible. The security problem is an error in the function that allows users to send and receive private messages. Users…

WordPress 4.2.3 Update for XSS Vulnerability

by Carly
04 August 2015

The WordPress security team warned users about a critical vulnerability in WP versions up to 4.2.2, and released an automatic update for all those who are running these versions. Anyone who has automatic updates disabled will be prompted to update to version 4.2.3 as soon as possible, which will install…

Latest WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities

by ThemeAlert
07 May 2015

There have been a few new stories in the last couple of weeks highlighting a fresh wave of WordPress vulnerabilities that affect a number of popular plugins, so keep reading to check if any of your installed plugins are on the list and need to be updated. Sucuri released the…

Security Alert: WP Statistic Plugin

by ThemeAlert
21 November 2014

A recent alert from Sucuri’s Vulnerability Research team has announced a high severity vulnerability in the WP Statistic plugin. Any users using version 8.3 (or lower) of the plugin are considered to be vulnerable to attacks that result in SEO spam, the creation of new administrator accounts and other negative…

Fantasktic WordPress Support

by ThemeAlert
17 September 2013

  Fantasktic provides WordPress users with a unique support service that solves all kinds of WordPress issues from migration to restoring sites post-hacking all for a one off fee. What do Fantasktic offer? Fantasktic offers help with migration and hosting issues, hacks and errors, theme and plugin problems and many…