Automattic’s WordAds Network

by Carly
19 January 2016

Web development company, Automattic, has recently announced that its advertising network, WordAds, is now available for self-hosted sites. Similar to Google’s AdWords, the network provides advertisement content on sites and the network can be used via Jetpack and the new AdControl plugin. It can be a great way for sites…

65 Reasons You Should Use WordPress

by Carly
28 September 2015

We recently read and enjoyed a great article from WP Lift where they shared a whopping 65 reasons why you should use WordPress for your next project. Of course, we whole-heartedly agree with the list and wanted to share it today, just in case anybody reading this is on the…

Big Changes for VideoPress

by Carly
20 July 2015

The popular video hosting service VideoPress, which has powered more than 3,000,000,000 video plays on WordPress sites all over the world, has been given an all-round makeover and now it’s time to have a look at what changes have been made. The team are calling the new version the ‘next-generation’…

A New Reader

by Carly
14 July 2015

Yesterday saw the release of a new and improved version of’s Reader functionality. The team have been working throughout the last few months to make the Reader faster and feature smoother scrolling, as well as improve the way posts are displayed. Users are now treated to a ‘highlight reel’…