Automattic’s WordAds Network

by Carly
19 January 2016

Web development company, Automattic, has recently announced that its advertising network, WordAds, is now available for self-hosted sites. Similar to Google’s AdWords, the network provides advertisement content on sites and the network can be used via Jetpack and the new AdControl plugin. It can be a great way for sites…

65 Reasons You Should Use WordPress

by Carly
28 September 2015

We recently read and enjoyed a great article from WP Lift where they shared a whopping 65 reasons why you should use WordPress for your next project. Of course, we whole-heartedly agree with the list and wanted to share it today, just in case anybody reading this is on the…

WordPress 4.3 ‘Billie’ Arrives

by Carly
19 August 2015

After being developed by a team of 246 contributors, headed up by Konstantin Obenland, WordPress 4.3 has finally arrived and is ready for download! Named ‘Billie’, after Jazz singer Billie Holiday, let’s take a look at what WordPress 4.3 has in store… The main focus for the new features is…

Major Changes Afoot at

by ThemeAlert
07 April 2015

Recent visitors to might have noticed a few changes have been made, but if you haven’t stopped by to see the improvements for yourself we’re here to fill you in. Posting on, Samuel Sidler had the following to say: We’ve been working hard to improve the site to make…

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3.7

by ThemeAlert
30 September 2013

The new WordPress 3.7 Beta is available and ready for testing! Barely did we have time to take a breath and say the word ‘WordPress’ and news that the new 3.7 Beta is out shoots around the corner. Only two months after 3.6, 3.7 is here and despite there being…

By the Power of WordPress!

by ThemeAlert
20 September 2013

Following the exciting news a couple of days ago that WordPress is ranked a stunning number 8 in the US for internet traffic, comes this equally stunning statistic from WPMU. The good people at WPMU have reported in a recent article that WordPress is now close to powering a fifth…

WordPress 3.6 – What’s New?

by ThemeAlert
26 May 2013

The brand new version of WordPress 3.6 is (almost) here, complete with its new, sophisticated features, revised settings and a brand new interface. The WordPress 3.6 Beta 3 was recently put to the test after beta 1 went online in early April and was immediately checked by diligent WordPress enthusiasts…