Category: WordPress Plugins

Boost Page Speed with WP Smush

by Carly
10 December 2015

We all know how important it is for your website to load quickly and you’ve probably taken steps to ensure your content and plugins don’t slow your site down, but what about your images? Poorly optimised images and large file sizes can really impact loading speeds, which is where WP…

How to Roll Back WordPress Plugin Versions

by Carly
08 December 2015

For security reasons you should always keep your plugins fully updated but occasionally there may be a bug or quirk in an update that means you want to roll back to a previous version. Only it’s not quite as simple as you might have thought. Never fear, though, because it’s…

How Many Plugins Is Too Many?

by Carly
02 December 2015

Digging Into WordPress recently ran a community poll titled ‘How Many Plugins Is Too Many?‘, asking users to vote on, as the title suggests, how many plugins they think would be detrimental to a WordPress site. It’s been so interesting to watch the votes come in and read the comments to see…

Three Free WooCommerce Extensions

by Carly
18 November 2015

WooCommerce benefits from a fantastic community, which allows it to become even more powerful through the use of additional plugins. Many developers product these high quality plugins for free, so we’ve put together a list of three plugins you can download for free today: 1. Export Customer Email With this…

BuddyPress 2.4.0 Beta Version Now Available

by Carly
16 November 2015

The latest beta version of BuddyPress is now available for testing and should be officially released soon. The plugin has been revised in a number of areas and one of the highlights of the new version is definitely the changes to the Template Pack, which now boasts improved accessibility. Cover…

‘Chargify’ Subscription Management Plugin

by Carly
04 November 2015

Anyone who’s been looking for an excellent Subscription Management Service should take a look at Chargify, one of our newest discoveries! The subscription software will simplify the billing process for recurring payments, such as monthly membership fees (hello, Netflix!). Unlike payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, Chargify affords a great…

WooCommerce Passes Ten Million Downloads

by Carly
30 October 2015

The popular e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce, has flown past a whopping ten million downloads and now supplies 30% of all online shops – wow! WooCommerce Version 1.0 was officially released on the 27th September 2011 and now, just four years later, the plugin with ten million downloads is breaking records with…

Eight Tips for Pricing Themes and Plugins

by Carly
26 October 2015

Pricing plugins and themes you’ve developed yourself can be tricky, so Elegant Themes have shared 8 simple tips to help developers simplify pricing. We’ve put together a summary of all 8 tips but to view the full list you can visit Elegant Themes. 1. Search: Searching is always the most…

bbPress 2015 Survey Results

by Carly
14 October 2015

For the past three years bbPress has conducted an annual survey about usage of their bbPress plugin and this year’s results are here! The aim of the online survey is to obtain information for future versions of the plugin, so it can keep evolving and developing over time. So, let’s…

Plugin Update – Jetpack 3.7

by Carly
05 October 2015

The brand new Jetpack 3.7 presents a new, simple interface and provides support for developing new pages. The revised interface divides Jetpack features into clear categories, including: performance and safety, increasing traffic, and tools. The most commonly used modules are displayed in the list first, for ease of us,…