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WordPress 4.3 ‘Billie’ Arrives

by Carly
19 August 2015

After being developed by a team of 246 contributors, headed up by Konstantin Obenland, WordPress 4.3 has finally arrived and is ready for download! Named ‘Billie’, after Jazz singer Billie Holiday, let’s take a look at what WordPress 4.3 has in store… The main focus for the new features is…

WordPress 4.2.3 Update for XSS Vulnerability

by Carly
04 August 2015

The WordPress security team warned users about a critical vulnerability in WP versions up to 4.2.2, and released an automatic update for all those who are running these versions. Anyone who has automatic updates disabled will be prompted to update to version 4.2.3 as soon as possible, which will install…

WordPress 4.3 Beta Released

by Carly
07 July 2015

Last week saw the release of the WordPress 4.3 beta 1, which testers have spent the last few days eagerly getting to grips with ahead of the full version’s targeted August 18th release date. So, now people have had time to learn more about WordPRess 4.3, what do we know so far?…

Microsoft Launch Official WordPress Plugin

by Carly
30 June 2015

Technology powerhouse Microsoft have been cultivating a number of partnerships with WordPress throughout recent years and months and the most recent piece of news is the launch of Microsoft’s OneNote Publisher plugin. Designed to simplify the migration of data from a OneNote document to a WordPress post, the plugin will make it so…

WP Zoom releases Insight Theme

by ThemeAlert
27 May 2015

WP Zoom have released a new magazine theme with a minimal design, perfect for online magazines, photography websites or even blogs. Insight features a distraction-free layout, along with a beautiful slideshow. You can build your own featured categories on the homepage very quickly using the built-in widgets. To celebrate the…

WordPress 4.2 ‘Powell’ Arrives

by ThemeAlert
24 April 2015

Yesterday saw the release of the newest version of WordPress – 4.2, also known as ‘Powell’, after the jazz pianist Bud Powell. There have been plenty of rumours about the new features and changes that we’d see in 4.2, and the official release posts confirms that the main emphasis has…

WordPress 4.2 Release Candidate

by ThemeAlert
16 April 2015

It was announced yesterday that the release candidate for WordPress 4.2 is now available, with the potential for WordPress 4.2 to go live on Wednesday April 22nd – so we don’t have long to wait! In his announcement post, developer Drew Jaynes sent out an open message to any users…

WordPress 4.1.1 Maintenance Release

by ThemeAlert
23 February 2015

December’s release of WordPess 4.1 has seen almost 15,000,000 downloads – so it’s been a popular one, to say the least! However, as with all new releases, it had a few kinks and bugs that needed to be worked out so last week we saw the release of WordPress 4.1.1…

What’s New in WordPress 4.1 (Dinah)?

by ThemeAlert
16 January 2015

Just before Christmas we saw the release of WordPress 4.1, named ‘Dinah’ after jazz singer Dinah Washington. This latest release combines new features, a new default theme and smaller tweaks that are all supposed to enhance the user experience even further. First of all, let’s look at the biggest addition:…

WordPress 4.1 Beta is Released!

by ThemeAlert
17 November 2014

Over the weekend we saw the release of WordPress 4.1 Beta 1. As the software is still in development (4.1 is due for official release next month) it’s recommended that you demo it on a test site to try out the new features. The WordPress developers have highlighted the following…