A Christmas Gift Guide for Geeks

by ThemeAlert
16 December 2014

So, Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat etc etc. Christmas shopping can be tricky at the best of times but what do you buy for the WordPress geek in your life? They might the person who appears to have every conceivable gadget and replies to your requests for a list of present ideas with ‘whatever, I’m not picky’…we all know one of them!

Well, we’ve put together a gift guide to help solve your problem. The items below span all budgets and are sure to make even the hardest to buy for light up when they unwrap their gift from under the Christmas tree. So read on to take the stress out of gift giving so you can put your feet up, smug in the knowledge that you won’t be one of the ones scrambling to the shops on Christmas Eve.

Geek Gifts

For the Developer: The Web Designer’s Idea Book

Containing hundreds of the world’s most beautiful websites, all arranged in one coffee table book, the Web Designer’s Idea Book is brimming over with design ideas and element inspiration. Perfect for the loved one who can’t stop coding.

For the Go-Getter: Binary Love Cufflinks

Just because your loved one finds themselves dashing from meeting to meeting on a daily basis, it doesn’t mean they can’t inject a little bit of personality into their workwear. Subtle enough to remain professional, these Binary Love cufflinks manage to be stylish and fun at the same time.

For the Ideas Person: Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

Inspiration can strike at any time and these floppy disk post-it notes are the perfect place for your loved one to jot down their next ‘big idea’. Although, depression might just set in when the new office intern asks what a floppy disk is.

For the Cocktail Maestro: Laboratory Shot Glasses

Perfect to buy for the one who counts down the minutes until Friday night’s Happy Hour arrives, these science-themed shot glasses are perfect for the chemistry-loving drinker amongst your friendship group. Plus, play your cards right and you might get to sample a mojito straight from a Erlenmeyer flask…that’s one to cross off the bucket list.

For the Caffeine Monster: Go Away I’m Thinking Mug

For the special someone in your life whose dream present is to be hooked up to an IV drip of coffee…well, this is the next best thing. A new mug to keep filled to the brim all year round, while also politely asking potential interrupters to ‘Go Away, I’m Thinking’.

For the Socialiser: A WordCamp Pass

The beauty of WordCamps is that they take place worldwide, so you’re sure to find something near enough to your loved one. Plus, an entire weekend dedicated to all things WordPress? They’ll love you forever.