Condé Nast Buys Poetica Plugin

by Carly
12 April 2016

Global media company, Condé Nast, has bought recently Poetica, a free plugin that’s used for real-time Google Docs style collaborations.

The plugin is to be abandoned in its current form, however, to be used as part of Co-Pilot, the company’s publishing platform. The Poetica team will continue to work on Poetica as part of Co-Pilot and develop it further. Poetica users have another couple of months until the service ends of June 1st but after that date customers have no other choice than to look for an alternative service.

Although Poetica represented a much-needed collaborative tool for WordPress, a profitable business model couldn’t be created and all designs and customer data will be removed when the plugin shuts down in June. Condé Nast has acquired only the software and not the customer data, so if you’re a Poetica user do ensure you have all your designs backed up ahead of the June 1st closure date!