Customising WordPress Sites

30 August 2013

An ever increasing majority are using the web to communicate with their customers and audience. This means that websites are as vital now as ever, as they are a first point of contact on which customers or visitors base their judgement.

With this in mind, website owners must do all that they can to not let go of their visitors. Easy to navigate web pages keep visitors coming back and businesses undoubtedly benefit from attractive and unique designs that not only stand out, but that represent them and their brand perfectly. It’s important that your message is conveyed in the best way possible, without anything getting lost in translation. Consistency is also important: maintaining the same image throughout all your modes of communication creates strength in your brand and instills confidence in your customers.

Companies like WerkPress and Codeable exist to make sure all the little imperfections which might be losing you your customers are ironed out. Rather than paying the full whack for a complete re-design of your site, Codeableand WerkPress deal in easy-to do customisation and bite-sized tweaks.

WerkPress works on large or small customisations and offers development, design and support. WerkPress can add custom page templates, widgetised spaces and in terms of design, the creative team cover logo design, header design, custom plugin design and type treatment. They can also bring your site bang up to date by making it fully responsive.

Codeable work in a different way offering what they call a ‘curated marketplace’ for both small and larger customisations. You create a brief and send it off to their team. The developers on board are hand-picked and selected through a rigorous application process, so they are fully trustworthy and capable of completing most requests. Changes like adding social media buttons, increasing logo size, online advertising setups and increasing subscriptions are easily fixed.

It’s the small differences like these that make sites visitor friendly, which means that they will stick around and do good things for your business. Get in touch with WerkPress or Codeable to see what they can do to help.