CyberChimps is Seeking Acquisition

by ThemeAlert
26 November 2014

CyberChimps is known throughout the world of WordPress as the company behind Responsive, one of the most popular themes on the WordPress Repository. The theme has seen in excess of a whopping 1.5 million downloads and CyberChimps’ popularity continues to grow and grow.

Their surging popularity has led to the team making the decision to seek acquisition, which will open them up to more resources and help them tap into their full potential. As they’ve said themselves:

‘This is the right time both for the CyberChimps team and the CyberChimps community to make a change. What we are able to do for the company and for the community has simply plateaued. It’s time to pass the torch onto someone else. We are looking for someone to acquire the company.

CyberChimps have already seen interest from numerous well-known investors but are remaining open to discussions from all interested parties, for now. The team has stressed that nothing will be changing in the short term and all development will continue as normal, with Responsive II recently becoming available on the website.

It’ll be interesting to see which organisation ends up acquiring CyberChimps and following where they go from here. We wish the team the best of luck with their fantastic growth and hope they find themselves continuing to go from strength to strength.