The World’s Top SEO Experts

by Carly
14 January 2016

Search engine optimisation (SEO for short) is a key component to publicising any website, whether it’s a personal blog or a corporate hub. Anybody who operates online knows that, without a well-optimised page, your website has little chance of obtaining a solid ranking on search engines like Google or Yahoo. Figures suggest that the majority of users never even click beyond the first page of Google search results, so it’s imperative that your site is fully optimised.

A few months ago we shared a list of helpful SEO tricks that everyone can implement to help boost their website’s ranking. It’s fully positive to net yourself a great ranking through hard work and optimisation tips and tricks but sometimes it does pay to seek professional help.

A list of the best SEO specialists has recently been published by WPMUDEV, which highlights the current top SEO experts around the world, so we highly recommend taking a peek if boosting your site’s SEO is on your list of 2016 resolutions.