Dishing the Dirt on CSSIgniter’s New Features

by Carly
03 June 2015

April and May were certainly busy months for the team behind CSSIgniter! They’ve made numerous changes to both their site design and their themes and over the past two months they’ve updated almost every aspect of their products and business.

Site Design

CSSIgniter’s new look launched at the beginning of April, ushering in a faster, larger, 100% responsive site to accommodate all mobile device users. They wanted to create a clear overview of what CSSIgniter is about and present their high quality themes in a user friendly way, so it’s simple for users to choose the best theme for their business

100% Responsive Themes

In keeping with current design trends, all of CSSIgniter’s themes have been rebuilt to be brought up to date and be fully responsive. Philoxenia, Troy, Nico and BusinessOne are just a few that have been given an MOT. Two new themes have also been released: Amaryllis and Tabloid.

Updated Themes

Along with making everything fully responsive, all themes, new and old, have been updated to ensure they are fully secure and kitted out with all the latest features and benefits.

New Shortcodes Plugin

The existing CSSIgniter Shortcode plugin has been rebuilt from scratch to reflect current trends and has had six new shortcodes added, making all shortcodes included within the plugin completely responsive. An overview of the plugin and the changes that have been made can be found on CSSIgniter.

According to the team, more changes are in the works for their themes and release cycles, so keep an eye on their website for all the latest updates!