EIG Takes Over MOJO Themes

by ThemeAlert
27 June 2013

The theme platform Mojo Themes has recently had some exciting news. The founding company Mojoness Inc, which launched Mojo Code as well as Mojo Themes, was bought out by the Endurance International Group (EIG).

Who is EIG?

The Endurance International Group Inc. is one of the largest website hosting companies in the global market and, supported by its many retail partners such as Bluehost, Domain.com, iPage and HostGator, has over 10 million domains and more than 3 million happy customers. The American company offers its customers a wide range of online services and hosting solutions, and focuses mainly on small to medium sized businesses.

The idea behind the purchase is to offer Mojoness products on their own platform, and to therefore be able to offer all EIG customers an even more diverse selection of web services. The Mojoness marketplace has earned itself a reputation in the WordPress theme business in just three years and it now offers a wide range of quality themes and useful extras such as widgets, add-ons and plug-ins. In particular, the new Mojoness design, code and script options will help EIG customers gain more control over their own websites, allowing them useful extensions and the freedom to make changes to ensure a more individualised site.

With the acquisition of Mojoness, the Endurance International Group hopes to offer its existing customers new options and solutions, and of course to attract new prospects.