Eight Tips for Pricing Themes and Plugins

by Carly
26 October 2015

Pricing plugins and themes you’ve developed yourself can be tricky, so Elegant Themes have shared 8 simple tips to help developers simplify pricing. We’ve put together a summary of all 8 tips but to view the full list you can visit Elegant Themes.

1. Search: Searching is always the most important place to start. Compare products with similar features, and follow current price trends.

2. Surveys: Surveys of peers, friends and colleagues can help you gain valuable insight. The more perspectives you can get, the bigger your pool of data to work with.

3. Be realistic: Developing themes and plugins costs valuable time and must be properly priced but overcharging can bring sales grinding to a halt.

4. Avoid competitive pricing: Don’t attempt to undercut other existing products. A cheap product can cause long-term damage to sales figures.

5. Think like your customers: Put yourself in the position of your potential customers. What are the unique selling points of your product that customers can’t get somewhere else?

6. Offer price packages: Various pricing options are an ideal tactic to attract new customers and to reach a large audience.

7. Subscription offers: Offer your customers the opportunity to purchase a monthly or yearly membership for a good price. This way you build a loyal customer base with recurring revenue.

8. Stay open to change: The market is constantly changing, which has a knock-on effect with pricing. It can be tough to attract customers to new products, so being open to a price adjustment is always helpful.