Fantasktic WordPress Support

by ThemeAlert
17 September 2013

Fantasktic provides WordPress users with a unique support service that solves all kinds of WordPress issues from migration to restoring sites post-hacking all for a one off fee.

What do Fantasktic offer?

Fantasktic offers help with migration and hosting issues, hacks and errors, theme and plugin problems and many other technical issues. As such, Fantasktic act as a sort of emergency service for WordPress.

Changing hosting partner can be anything but simple. Fantasktic offer a speedy migration service so you’ll be set up with your new host in no time at all. They also promise the absolute minimal downtime for your site, as they use a secure, automated process.

Fantasktic also offer help with theme and plugin problems, such as trouble with the editor, menu problems, image sizing and alignment.

In addition, the team provides assistance with any technical problems such as errors, login issues and even with hacking attempts. Fantasktic promise to fix most problems and have pages fully functional and secure again in under 48hrs.

Unlike many WordPress services, Fantasktic requires no registration or membership. You pay just for the service you need and nothing more. On the homepage you can directly request information, send your problem to the Fantasktic team of experts and hear back within hours if it is something they can solve.

The one off fee is set by the expert support team on reviewing your request, which is of course agreed on by you before they set to work. Fantasktic complete 95% of all their projects for under $99, including host migrations, errors and theme updates. If your time is valuable and cannot spend it on clearing up error messages and other issues, then you will certainly benefit from Fantasktic’s services. Here, you get exactly what you pay for.