Flippa Acquires Domain Holdings Group

by Carly
01 June 2015

Flippa, one of the leading website, app and domain marketplaces, announced last week that they have recently acquired Domain Holdings Group, an award-winning domain broker based in Florida, USA. With Domain Holdings racking up sales of $30+ million, Flippa are anticipating their sales to reach the dizzying heights of $70 million over the coming year, so it’s been a good week for the renowned domain brokers!

Domain Holdings have a large market in China, with over 30% of their revenue coming from the country, so it looks as though Flippa are looking to increase their international sales through this acquisition. By adding 15 world class domain sales experts to their team, Flippa are clearly hoping to become the #1 sales platform for domains, as well as websites.

The plan is for the Domain Holdings brand to stay independent to Flippa, operating as usual for the foreseeable future. However, over the next few weeks the team behind both businesses are set to discuss ideas to achieve ‘never before realised value’ for customers of both Domain Holdings and Flippa.

Flippa released the following heartening message for those who currently buy and sell domains via their platform:

  • You’ll receive access to a world-class sales team to maximise the value of your domains
  • You’ll receive access to thousands of new premium domain names

With the new Flippa/Domain Holdings conglomerate touting domains such as whiskey.com, message.com and 01.com, it’s clear to see why the future is looking so bright for these two marketplaces.