Global WordPress Stats January-July 2015

by Carly
09 July 2015

Earlier this week published a fascinating round up of CMS usage from January-July 2015. Naturally, as soon as we saw this had gone live we were interested to see if WordPress has continued to be the world’s most popular CMS. We’ll go into more detail below but, in short, of course it has.

A whopping 328,000,000+ domains were analysed by BuiltWith and, out of them, WordPress has acquired an additional 1.1 million domains since the beginning of the year – how’s that for rapid growth? To put things into perspective, Squarespace were next up on the list and they acquired 151,867 extra domains, though that did result in an impressive 33% growth.

The stats show that more and more websites are using a known CMS rather than developing a custom built one from scratch, which is great news for WordPress. Reigning happily as the clear CMS leader, a jaw-dropping 48% of all sites that use a known CMS are utilising WordPress!

BuiltWith also issued an interesting visual breakdown of which WordPress versions are being used today, see below. Obviously WordPress 4.2 is the most popular but it was surprising to see how many are still using WordPress 2.1 – 3.5. A note to those users running out of date versions – boost your security by updating your software!

Photo Credit: (click image to visit original article)

Photo Credit: (click image to visit original article)