What Does Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Label Actually Mean?

by ThemeAlert
20 January 2015

At the end of last year Google made further changes to the way it displays search engine results. It’s a constant battle for site owners to keep up to date with Google’s myriad changes but something everybody should be aware of is the new mobile-friendly label that has been added to Google’s search results page. So, what does google’s new mobile-friendly label actually mean?

Recognising that almost 50% of all internet browsing is done on mobile devices, Google have brought in a ‘mobile-friendly’ label, so users can tell instantly whether a website has been responsively designed or not. If it is, a ‘Mobile-friendly’ tag will display under your website name and link, if not, you get nothing.

Alongside the new label, Google announced that mobile-friendly websites are likely to rank higher in search engine results that their ‘old-fashioned’ competitors, giving anybody behind the times that extra push to give their site an updated, responsive design.

What do you think about this recent announcement from Google? Do you think the ‘mobile-friendly’ label is a good idea or not?