Has Facebook Abandoned Its WordPress Plugin?

by ThemeAlert
05 May 2015

It’s customary for every major social media network to maintain a WordPress plugin, with plugins designed for Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube all available for users. Back in 2012 Facebook launched an official plugin, which is active on over 200,000 sites, however, it appears as though the plugin has been abandoned by the team who brought it to life three years ago.

With no updates since March 2014, the plugin has been left dormant for over a year, as well as any support questions being ignored for well over a year too. Reflecting the lack of support, the plugin’s rating has dropped to an eyebrow raising 2.2 out of 5. It’s now been suggested that because the original developers of the Facebook plugin have jumped ship (although no official word to confirm this has been released), the WordPress community has stepped in to keep the plugin in action for those who still utilise it.

The official Facebook plugin is difficult to navigate because of the bugs that have built up over the last year, so many users are turning to alternative unofficial Facebook plugins to integrate the social network with their site. Custom Facebook Feed appears to be the most popular, with 100,000+ downloads and a rating of 4.8 out of 5, though Add Link to Facebook and Feed Them Social are other popular options.