Helpful Plugins and Frameworks

by Carly
07 March 2016

In WDS Github and the WordPress Plugin Directory you can find so many useful plugins, frameworks and libraries that can be used free of charge – the only difficultly is sorting the wheat from the chaff. WebDevStudios has compiled a list of some of the most helpful development resources for use in your projects and we strongly recommend any developers head over to their site to check out the full post. For now, here are a few highlights:

  • The WDS Image Class library, which can be used for the integration of an image in the theme template files.
  • The WP Plugin Generator, which was designed to create everything necessary to build a WordPress plugin in a modern development environment.
  • The WDS Simple Page Builder, which is a library/plugin you can use to create reusable template parts for future projects.
  • The AppPresser core plugin, which is an open source piece of kit that can be used to design custom apps and extensions.

To find other free resources and get further details on those listed above, head over to WebDevStudios to check out the full post.