How Many Plugins Is Too Many?

by Carly
02 December 2015

Digging Into WordPress recently ran a community poll titled ‘How Many Plugins Is Too Many?‘, asking users to vote on, as the title suggests, how many plugins they think would be detrimental to a WordPress site. It’s been so interesting to watch the votes come in and read the comments to see what people think, so we thought we’d share the results so far.

Currently, 42% of users think that 11-25 is the optimum number of plugins, with 38% suggesting 1-10 is a better option. Interestingly, the two lowest results came from 3% voting that over 100 plugins and more is fine (as ‘WordPress can handle anything!) and 1% thinking that ‘plugins are the root of all evil and should never be used’.

The general consensus is that WordPress is powerful enough to run numerous plugins but to help with load speeds and security, you should only install plugins that you use on a regular basis, removing any that aren’t being used, and all plugins should be kept fully updated to keep them as secure as possible.

Let us know, how many plugins do you think is too many for a WordPress site?