IgnitionDeck acquire Fundify and CrowdPress

by ThemeAlert
17 June 2014

IgnitionDeck have recently announced that they have acquired the popular Fundify theme and plugin from Astoundify, as well as the crowd-funding theme CrowdPress for an undisclosed fee. Fundify is one of the most popular crowd-funding themes for WordPress, having been purchased over 2,500 times, and the addition of Fundify should fit in well with IgnitionDeck’s existing crowd-funding platform. IgnitionDeck have no short-term plans to modify the Fundify plugin or theme, although they do mention that they intend to confederate it into IgnitionDeck sometime in the future.

The acquisition of Fundify puts IgnitionDeck in an even stronger position than they were previously in, and their presence in the market it set to rise as a result of their recent acquisitions.