International WordPress Meetups

by ThemeAlert
19 November 2014

One of the most exciting things about the WordPress community is how far-reaching it is. You can truly travel anywhere in the world and find a fellow WordPress fan, which is why there are meet ups springing up all over the world. We’ve gathered together a few of our top picks for those of you who always fancied travelling to a WordPress event but couldn’t find one in your area:

WordPress London:

A monthly meetup for WordPress developers and users, the event usually comprises of three developer-focused talks, a Q&A session, and a wholly British trip to the pub afterwards!

WordPress Birmingham (UK):

Further up the country, WordPress Birmingham hold monthly meetups for anybody who uses WordPress – whether you’re a developer, a freelancer or a blogger. Their next meeting includes an end of year quiz to celebrate 2014!

Vancouver WordPress Meetup Group:

Suitable for absolute beginners or power users, everybody is welcome to come to the events and exchange ideas, network with likeminded people and become part of the Canadian WordPress community.

WordPress Sydney:

Promising to always keep their events free, just like WordPress, the WordPress Sydney group is open to users of all grades of experience and meet on the second Thursday of every month. The topics range from meeting to meeting, and some recent topics have included ‘SEO Mania’ and ‘How to Develop a Plugin’.

WordPress NYC Meetup Group:

On the third Tuesday of each month, the WordPress NYC group meets up to network with fellow WordPress users, learn new things and, er, make plans to take over the world, apparently!

The San Francisco WordPress Meetup:

Billed as one of the more ‘cutting edge’ WordPress groups, the San Francisco group meet up every couple of months to discuss various WordPress-related topics. Recent meetups have focused on things like ‘infusing your blog with interactive social media’, ‘making mobile apps with WordPress’ and ‘Bootstrap + WordPress’.

WordPress Barcelona:

Meeting up once a month, WordPress Barcelona comprises of a large group of European WordPress enthusiasts, who are always happy to meet like-minded people and create a local community.

WordPress Bangalore:

Billed as a meet up for ‘WordPress lovers, designers and developers’, members of the WordPress Bangalore group meet up every couple of months to discuss all different WordPress-themed topics. Recent topics discussed include business ramification, SEO link building and social media marketing.

If we haven’t covered a group that’s close to you don’t worry – there will be something local to your area out there. Have a look at WordPress MeetUp Groups to find something nearby, and let us know how your first meetup goes!