All’s Swell that Ends Swell

by ThemeAlert
22 August 2013

“It’s Been Swell!” said 8BIT, as they announced their departure from the world of WordPress yesterday.

8BIT, the well loved WordPress company behind recently deceased daily news publication WPDaily, announced yesterday that it too will be closing for business.

Its closure seems more like a natural development for all involved, rather than a sudden clash of interests. John Saddington, head-honcho at the company, said that there are “no hidden agendas, no hard feelings, and certainly no conspiracy… besides death and taxes, change is guaranteed,” and sadly, “this is our final goodbye.”

For customers, 8BIT’s support forums will continue to be open for another 30 days, from which point onwards, the team will no longer support their products. This includes their core product Standard Theme. For those needing surrogate partners, 8BIT recommend WooThemes and StudioPress and the team are open to any questions you may have – the contact email address is at [email protected].

As for future plans, the talented team will surely be moving on to other interesting projects. In the meantime and according to Torque, John Saddington has currently reached over £56,000 in funding for his project on Kickstarter, Pressgram, which is similar to Instagram, but allows users to retain control over their data and the content they create.

Here at ThemeAlert, we wish them all every bit of luck with their future plans.