Large WordPress Sites Infected with Malware

by Carly
17 December 2015

In the last couple of weeks there have been a few high profile cases of large WordPress sites (including Readers Digest) being infected by the Angler exploit kit. A malicious script is injected into the infected site, which redirects users to a different URL and can then put those visitors at risk.

TWC have written a helpful article that provides more details about the issues, so we recommend giving that a read for more information about how to protect yourself against these sort of attacks. As they warn within the article:

People need to take the necessary precautions while visiting any sites. The injected string duplicates itself and can be found in the process bar names as “notepad.exe”. Killing the process or the process tree won’t be of much help as it will be reinitiated shortly.

If you’ve visited a site that’s fallen prey to the Angler exploit kit then take steps to ensure you aren’t infected. Ensure your site’s security is as robust as possible and stay wary of any sites that have been impacted by the attack.