Maps Builder – The Ultimate Google Maps Plugin

by Carly
18 September 2015

Looking for an easy way to integrate a Google Map onto your website? If so, Maps Builder should definitely be on your radar. It’s one of the best Google Maps plugins out there and, best of all, it’s free!

Lots of you probably know that you can integrate a map onto your WordPress site, even without a plugin. However, there aren’t many services out there that allow users to interact with the map after it’s added. With Maps Builder, though, users can access locations, markers, driving directions and itineraries, making it a fully interactive experience.

Maps Builder is extremely user-friendly and contains countless options for full customisation. In the Fullscreen Customiser, locations can be added, as well as users being able to select size, map type and even an individual theme. With just one click, your customised map can be embedded via the post editor. Simple!

Visit the Plugin Directory to find out more about Maps Builder, check out the glowing reviews and download the latest version.