MOJO Marketplace Integrates with HostGator!

by ThemeAlert
23 May 2015

Big news for MOJO Marketplace users! The online theme, plugin and online service marketplace has a huge fanbase of over 4,000,000 users and they announced last week that they’ll be integrating with fellow online brand, HostGator. The move has been in the works for months now, and both teams seem excited about working together in the future.

In a statement that was released on Friday, the team behind MOJO said:

‘Once integrated with HostGator, MOJO will grow at double the rate! This means more traffic for your themes and templates.

After doubling our user base at MOJO Marketplace, your item will see an increase in sales. 

We have integrated the marketplace in a unique and innovative way. Basically, we built a rich library of API’s to extend the marketplace beyond our domain. Next, we leveraged AngularJS from Google and built a web app that consumes the marketplace. Lastly, we pulled this together with QuickInstall as a cPanel plugin. It really is awesome and we are excited!’

It’s smiles all round and it looks as though this integration will bring some exciting changes over the next few months. However, current MOJO Marketplace users have been urged to bear the following in mind:

  • If your demo URL removes the MOJO demo bar, update your demo URL to remove this
  • If you have links in your item descriptions that link to other areas of they’ll need to be removed

These changes need to be made before May 22nd, as any items containing these issues after the integration won’t be displayed to HostGator customers.

There have certainly been a number of exciting moves and integrations throughout the WordPress community this year and it’s fascinating to see how the online world continues to grow and evolve with the changing marketplaces. We’re excited to see what the second half of 2015 has to bring!