MOJO Marketplace Sunset Notice

by ThemeAlert
01 December 2023

To our MOJO Community,

MOJO Marketplace are immensely proud that so many developers and customers have benefited from this incredible marketplace over the years, and we are sad to end the run. Since Mojo Marketplaces launch in 2013 and MOJO-Themes in 2009, we have blossomed partnerships, helped create sites and stories for customers, and changed lives in our community, which we have had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand.

MOJO Marketplace is going to be sunset on December 31, 2023. Our continued focus on creating WordPress solutions at Newfold Digital that can be shared with the greater WordPress community has led us to the difficult decision to shut down the MOJO Marketplace.

What does this mean for you?
We recommend making a copy of the files you need for any of your purchases prior to December 31st. For our sellers with an account balance of $50 or more, you will need to make a request for a withdrawal of any commissions before December 10th, 2023. After December 31st, you forfeit the commissions and will no longer be able to withdraw commissions.

Newfold Digital