Twenty Sixteen WordPress Theme Arrives

by Carly
07 January 2016

At the end of 2015 the brand new default WordPress theme was unveiled and we’re excited to bring you a few more details about Twenty Sixteen in today’s post.

Designed by Takashi Irie, the theme was developed to be a fresh take on the traditional blog format and contains a bundle of great features, including an optional sidebar, multiple menu positions, overhanging large images and pull quotes, as well as a post intro option to enhance your blog posts.

Customisation is an important part of Twenty Sixteen, and it’s nice to see that the user has full control over the appearance of the theme. Everything from colour schemes to headers and backgrounds can be changed, making this one of the most diverse default themes ever.

In keeping with the need for responsive design, Twenty Sixteen was developed mobile-first, ensuring it performs equally well whether you’re browsing on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Twenty Sixteen is available now from