The Rebranding of WP Engine

by ThemeAlert
07 October 2013

WP Engine, the superheroes of managed WordPress hosting, have got themselves a whole new look. Out is the old cog-wheel, the old green and black colour scheme and the old-school typeface and in is a new dynamic looking teal graphic logo, flat design and trendy muted colours. Instead of the old copy-heavy site they’ve got loads of open space, a clean typeface and neat little icons and buttons.
The main message they seem to giving out is their customer-focused approach to their business in general. They’ve got glowing client testimonials all over the place which (if you’ve got them, as they have, in bucket-loads) works like a treat. It makes the whole website seem less like large company selling its wares and more like a friendly recommendation for a local service. There’s no better way of building trust for an online service than that.
The rest of the content has remained much the same. It’s just the mood that’s changed. Heather Brunner, WP Engine’s COO, had this to say:

We are proudly known for being the guys and gals of “the engine cog,” reflecting our engineering roots and sensibilities. With our new brand, we didn’t want to lose our history, but honor it and have some fun with it!
As we envisioned evolving our brand along with the growth of our company, we wanted to lean into what inspired Jason to create WP Engine, building a platform that amplifies the power of WordPress and the web:
“WP Engine is a well-crafted machine that keeps the web running the way it was always meant to—with ease, grace, and strength. It is the engine that drives amazing sites, from start to finish.”
“A machine that just feels good when all its parts are running in sync. Designed for practical efficiency and streamlined operations with each individual piece working in harmony.”
These words guided our vision during the design process.


Check out the new site here and let us know what you think.