REST API – The New WordPress Technology

by Carly
22 September 2015

If you’ve listened to the rumours currently circulating around the WordPress community then you may have heard that the release of REST API is coming soon…and it’s going to be big. What exactly is REST API, you might ask? Well, we’ll tell you.

REST API is the next generation of WordPress, which will unlock the WordPress platform for many new, innovative ventures. It’s been suggested that with REST API users can create applications that can restore WordPress information without having to use PHP.

We’ll be told more about REST API early next year, at a one day event which will be held in London. This event is going to be one of the biggest days of the year for developers who work with WordPress. PHP developers will learn more about their future with WordPress, JavaScript engineers will find out how they can work without PHP and application developers will receive all of the necessary information to decide how to move forward in the future. Whatever happens, it’s sure to be a huge day for the world of WordPress.

The event takes place in London on 27th January 2016 and you can click here for information about how to get your hands on tickets!