Malware Protection by Sucuri

by ThemeAlert
09 June 2013

Website hacking is and always will be a very real danger for website owners the world over, whatever the size or function of the site. The losses suffered in an attack can undoubtedly have an impact on your website: loss of traffic, loss of time, loss of money and loss of reputation are just a few. At worst, your credibility and reliability go straight out the window and this can be especially devastating for sites whose income relies on secure online business.

Sucuri has been operating an unrivalled security service since 2004: one which actively checks for malware, spam, blacklisting and other security issues. Their service detects any suspicious changes to SSL certificates, DNS, Whois records and other network assets and picks up various types of malware, website errors, database connection issues and code anomalies.

The best thing about Sucuri is that it saves you time. 70% of their clients have their site clean and working again within 3 hours of any infection. Where you would otherwise have to wait for Google to pick up a problem – by which time the damage has already been done – Sucuri’s website integrity monitoring carries out malware, blacklisting, DNS and other warning checks across any platform as often as every three hours. As a result, you are the first to know when your site has been hacked, which gives you the crucial time you need to be able to act.

There are a number of monitoring options and the scanner also powers Sucuri SiteCheck: a free scanning service found on the website homepage that allows you to check your website for security breaches.  If the monitor does find anything malicious, Sucuri will then alert you either through direct message on Twitter, by email or by RSS feed (you can configure your alert settings to use any of those methods). The next step having received an alert is to submit a ticket to instigate the removal process, which will continue until your website is clear of infection.

Furthermore, WP Engine, a managed hosting service for WordPress whose reputation has been built with its impeccable security, has a working partnership with Sucuri. WP Engine’s founder and CEO Jason Cohen writes that “before Sucuri we didn’t know that someone was hacked until they told us. (Or, actually, when Google blocked their site!) Now we find and fix problems before they even know what’s happening. It’s a Godsend, it’s as simple as possible, and it’s so affordable.” Sucuri is the best and most cost effective security option for WordPress sites. According to Sucuri, less than 0.05% of refunds are because of their inability to remove malware. And where other services just offer malware clean-ups that cost hundreds, Sucuri give you website integrity monitoring and alerting on top.

Sucuri offer several packages for their malware detection, alerting and cleanup services. The popular Power package is their midrange plan, which, at $189.99, covers up to five websites and includes malware cleanup with no page limit, website integrity monitoring, email and Twitter alerting, manual website scanning and blacklist removal.

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