Sucuri Releases New Backup Service

by Carly
20 November 2015

How many times have to been told how important backups are? One hundred times? A thousand? The fact is, however boring it might be to hear, it’s true. Backups are incredibly important for any website because you never know when the worst might happen and losing your site’s data can be a disaster.

Online security gurus, Sucuri, originally offered a backup service a few years ago but the team have revamped the product, made a few tweaks here and there, and have rereleased it as a much sturdier, more effective service. It now works via SFTP as opposed to HTTP, making it a solid choice for large sites, as well as small.

It’s great to see the change to SFTP, as many backup plugins run via HTTP and run into problems with timing out…which obviously isn’t ideal!

For more information about Sucuri and their various security options, you can see their packages and prices on their website.


Image via Sucuri