Take a Look at the Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme!

by ThemeAlert
20 October 2014

As you might know, each year since 2010 has brought with it a new default WordPress theme, named by year. Twenty Fifteen was recently announced so we decided to take a closer look at it.

Interestingly, Twenty Fifteen is a blog-focused theme and Takashi Irie (who designed both Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen) described it as:

‘A clean, blog-focused theme designed through simplicity. With careful attention to typography, the theme treats texts as a major part of the user interface. It features Google’s Noto Serif and Sans – a font family designed to be visually harmonious across many of the world’s languages.’


A peek at the preview images of the theme reinforce Irie’s statement that the theme was designed through simplicity. Header images are given a nice chunk of space and the wide sidebar helps the design stay clutter-free. It looks clear, clean and easy to navigate, making it a perfect starting point for new blogs.

Twenty Fifteen is due to be included in the release of WordPress 4.1, scheduled to drop this December.