Ten Reasons to Buy Premium WordPress Themes

by Carly
13 November 2015

WPRocks recently published a fantastic article that covers ten reasons why you should consider buying a premium WordPress theme for your next project. Click on the link above to read the full article, but we’ve summarised some of our favourite points below:

Updates: Premium developers love to get feedback on the themes they bring to life, so they’re always releasing new updates and features based on the reception they get from users. If you pay for a premium theme you’re likely to get free updates for life, as well as…

Customer Support: As with the point above, paying for a premium theme often comes with 24/7 customer service included. Whether you have a major bug to resolve, or a few problems with setting up your theme, you’ll have qualified experts on hand to help.

Cost Effective: Surely, paying for a premium theme does involve an up front cost, but it’s far far less than what it would cost to hire a developer/designer team to create your ideal theme. If you can find a premium theme that does exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll save a small fortune in the long run.

Exclusiveness: Have you ever visited a few websites in the same industry, only to notice they have a near identical look and layout? That’s probably because they’re all using the same popular free theme! While premium themes aren’t fully exclusive (you’ll need a custom-built theme for that), you’ll find a lot less websites out there using the theme you’ve chosen.

So there you have it, just a few reasons why you should consider buying a premium WordPress theme. To read the full list, head on over to WP Rocks.